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HBL is an email list discussing Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism, and its application to today's culture.

HBL's moderator and regular contributor is Harry Binswanger, a philosophy professor and associate of the late Ayn Rand.


The New HBL: This site has been superseded by version 2.0, which is at: http://www.hbletter.com

Please visit us there.

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HBL Excerpt of the Day

As of today, "HBL" stands for "The HB Letter." The address is:


This new entity is a quantum leap forward. While preserving our 1990s-based system of emails, we are greatly expanding our online presence. HBLetter.com subsumes the present HBL, as its blog, and gives you a Member Forum--with instant posting (a la social media). I don't moderate the Member Forum--you do. The buzzword for this is "community moderation." For each post, there's a "Report Abuse" button, and readers should use it to notify me when they think that something inappropriate has been posted on the Member Forum.

In contrast to social media, HBL's Forum is for intellectual discussion--polite, friendly discussion of philosophical and cultural issues. Since the presumption is that Forum posters are allies in the intellectual battle, the Forum should be a benevolent mini-universe.
     —  Harry Binswanger

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