"How We Know"

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about dates:

When will we get the book and call-in information?

Questions about calling in live to the class:

What kind of phone do I need to call into the class?

Any kind of phone will work, as long as you can dial a USA number and use touch tones to enter an access code.

Landlines, cell phones, and Skype have all been tested with the bridge and work fine.

To find the keypad on Skype for entering touch tones, see the red highlighted area on this diagram.

Is the number an 800 number?

No, but there are local numbers in most metropolitan areas. Here is a list of all the call-in numbers.

With so many people on the call, how will you ensure good sound quality throughout class?

During the lecture portion, the whole class will be muted.

During the question period, we will use an advanced feature of the phone bridge which allows individual listeners to "raise their hands" by pressing *2 on a touch-tone keypad.

Dr. Binswanger's assistant can identify people with their hands raised by name on our control panel. The assistant will tell Dr. Binswanger who has a question, then unmute only that person.

Questions about listening to a replay of class:

When will replays be available?

The recording for each class will be available for replay a few hours after class is held. Participants will be sent an email with replay information soon after it's available.

The replay will then be available for listening for two full weeks. It will then be removed.

How will I listen to the replay?

The replay will be available for listening in three ways:

1. By downloading an MP3 file, which you can listen to on your computer, or on an MP3 player (perhaps in your car).

2. By listening on the web to a playback

3. By dialing into a playback telephone number (one USA number)

To access the recording, you will log into a special class web page, which will have all the download information for these three options.

The playback options will be similar to what you see on our page with an interview with Harry Binswanger about the class.

If you can listen to that interview, you can listen to the replay. If you can't, please email Jean Binswanger [email protected] for assistance.

Questions about how to submit questions before/during class:

How do we submit questions on chapters to be covered in class?

Please send advance questions on a chapter to [email protected], at least 24 hours before the lecture on that chapter.

How do we ask questions live in class?

1. There will be a 10-minute break just before the live Q&A period. If you want to ask a question. Please stay on the line during the break, and prepare to hit *2 to raise your hand.

2. During the break, we will doublecheck that your name is associated with your phoneline so that  so we can call you by name during the question period.

3. When Dr. Binswanger asks for questions, raise your hand by pressing *2 on your touch-tone keypad.

Questions about the book How We Know:

Is this a final version of the manuscript?

No. It is 2nd or 3rd draft. It is a completely readable copy, but it will be edited further. Dr. Binswanger expects to use participant questions from the class to help him with the final editing.

Is the course a presentation of the material in the book?

No, the course consists of commentary on the book. Participants are expected to read each chapter before class, so they can follow the discussion.

For more on the relation of the course to the book, listen to this interview with Harry Binswanger.

When will the book be available for sale?

It will take at least two years; one for editing, one for publishing.

What is the sharing policy?

Sorry, no sharing of the manuscript or recordings.

Each person participating in the class needs to register separately.

Other questions?

Email Jean Binswanger at [email protected] for assistance.


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